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Yoga Etiquette

Arrive on time for class
No one will be permitted into the yoga room once the teacher’s introductions are complete. Please do not enter the yoga room until 5-10 minutes after the previous class has finished.

The yoga room is silent
Please no talking before, during or after class.

Be aware of where you place your mat
Do not place your mat directly infront of someone else. Make sure you and those around you are able to see themselves in the mirror.

Try to stay in the yoga room for the duration of the class
Leaving the class is very disruptive to other students. If you must leave please leave and re-enter between each posture.

Try to practice stillness between each posture

Please observe silence during final savasana (meditation) and leave the room quietly

Please turn off cell phones and pagers and do not bring them into the yoga room

Please no shoes in the yoga room

Please no perfume or scented oils