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What if I’m not flexible?
The series increases flexibility so the less flexible you are the more visible the benefits. Also, the heat helps to warm up the muscles and increase flexibility.

Will I lose weight?
Yes, you can. As with other benefits, results depend on how often you practice and the effort you exert.

Will I get bored doing the same postures over and over again?
Students quickly discover that repeating the series increases focus, memory, patience, and general mental sharpness. By repeating the poses you can settle the mind and let go of stress. In addition, you can achieve maximum physical benefit from each posture through repetition.

After my first class how soon should I come back?
Come back the next day, even if you are feeling stiff. Yoga is a little different from other forms exercise in that it is better to form a continuum than take a big long break. If you are on the one week special and it is your first time, come as many days as you can, if you try 4/5 days (or even all 7) in a row you will really get a sense of how your body can respond to the class.

How often should I practice?
To receive optimal benefits and to see changes in your body, lowered stress etc. it is best to come for two months six times a week. After two months you can continue to maintain all the benefits you’ve received by coming three or four times a week. Again, this is the optimum. If you practice three times a week it may just take a few more months to see or feel the big changes. Many students report that they feel better even after a coming once a week for a few months. I think the rule is that the more often you come the better you will feel.