Herminder Dhesi - Owner & Instructor

Born and raised in Scotland, but a True Indian at heart, Herminder loves lives and breathes Yoga.

After taking her first class, Herminder noticed a significant difference in her posture and overall well-being and as she progressed she continued to notice changes such as increased energy, greater ability to focus, and a glowing complexion. She also lost 20 pounds in the first 10 weeks and found she was able to deal with stressful situations much more easily.

Herminder revels in her role as and instructor at Hot Yoga New West and looks forward to encouraging her students in a complete physical fitness program that delivers total health by balancing every system in the body.

Herminder is the studio’s lead and most senior instructor. She delivers a strong class with an intense and deep workout. Her experience and knowledge of the Bikram Yoga style of practice lead her to open Hot Yoga New West which gives her the ability to thoroughly notice and correct misalignments in the body. To see when Herminder is teaching please refer to the “schedule” page of the website.



Our luxurious studio offers a full range of amenities to meet your comfort and convenience needs.


  • 2 Yoga Rooms
  •  Non-Porous Antibacterial Floor
  •  Spacious Change Rooms
  •  Shower Facilities
  •  Locker Facilities (Bring your own lock)
  •  Mat & Towel Services
  •  Retail selection of high quality yoga products including Onzie, Mika Yoga Wear,Halfmoon Yoga Products, Zenzation Athletics and more!



parkingWe have 20 free parking spaces available which are located directly behind the building in the downtown New Westminster parkade, on deck level “B”. All our parking spots are clearly marked “Reserved for Bikram’s Yoga”. If our free parking spots are all full, paid parking is available in the parkade or on the street. Please bring in your parking stub from the parkade and you will receive a $1 credit off your account.

There are two entrances to the parkade, both off of Columbia street.

From 4th street you will pull into the top level of the parkade or deck “A”. Follow the parkade heading west approx. 100 meters until you see a down ramp. Take the ramp down one level to deck “B”. Our parking spots are east of the down ramp, directly behind our building (which is dark red in color).

From 6th street you will pull into the bottom level of the parkade or deck “C”. Drive straight forward to the up ramp, and drive east along the parkade until you reach our parking spots.

Street Parking

There is also convenient street parking directly in front of the studio, which is free after 8pm. The street meters are in affect from 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm – 8pm on Sundays and Holidays. Meters have a 2 hour maximum time limit.